John Jenkins and The James Street Band

Looking For That American Dream  

Radio Radio Review 10/10


I  can highly recommend the latest album from John Jenkins and The James Street band.

As featured on Radio Radio podcasts and the live shows, this album has 13 great songs from The opening title track to the epic closer Can we still be friends.

In between the band take you on a journey including tales of adultery (playing with fire) finding your soulmate (what did I have before) and growing up in a time when life was uncomplicated (Sam Cooke) a song that wouldn’t be out of place on the soundtrack of stand by me. However, the stand out songs for me personally are Can you hear me and just another day where John’s songwriting is at it’s best. 

The James Street band and extra musicians are at the top of their game here, all steered in the right direction by Jon Lawton. 
Americana? Easy listening? Folk rock? Maybe a little of all of the above thrown into the mix. Overall a great album that you need in your collection. 
10/10 #listen ? #buy