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John Jenkins, I Was Looking For You. Single Review. 

Liverpool Sound and Vision Rating 8.5/10 

We are all looking for someone to show us the way, to enrich our lives, perhaps hold our hand when the darkness comes or even that one person who many years after saying goodbye for the final time somehow infuses their thoughts into yours and allows inspiration to strike with the subtly of a flash of lightning as it speeds through the Grand Canyon. 

It is the admittance of that search, the daring to peek into a place or a heart that might never turn up, that sees the fruit of our minds, of our imagination, scatter and try desperately to take hold; for some this scattering is in itself just the prelude to an orchard of ideas flourishing and taking root, for the rest of us, we continue on, sowing the seeds, every ready to tell that one person who motivates us to the next stage, that I Was Looking For You. 

For John Jenkins, the fruitfulness of his musical life has never been in doubt, not for those who have listened with great joy at the songs and images he has created, whether on his own or in the delight of comradeship of mutual creativity and yet in the past there was a moment in which the song eluded him and for that the meeting with The Searcher’s Chris Curtis was always going to be one that was dominant and tinged with regret as well future hope and pleasure. 

The legend that is Chris Curtis and the equal marvel that is John Jenkins may not have collaborated on the new song I Was Looking For You in the strictest sense but nevertheless from a scrap of paper with lyrics written on it by Mr. Curtis, given in perpetual friendship to John Jenkins comes a song that is beautifully arranged and produced, as one would expect, and one that stands testament to friendship across the years. 

A song, a tale, a piece of art might not appear at the dawn but by the close of midnight, when darkness and the moon battle for supremacy, in that the tale of a person’s dream can be envisaged and loved. It is the same for this particular song, the scrap of paper that we all perhaps hang onto just in case, the reminder of a moment’s exchange that can lead to a song of genuine serenity. 

I Was Looking For You, the call out from those spreading the seeds of inspiration without requiring Time to be urgent, for sometimes the best things come at the end, not at the beginning. 

I Was Looking For You is available across the usual digital platforms to purchase.   

Ian D. Hall